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Custom Milling & Live Edge 

Adamson Tree Experts, with great pride, now offers a full saw milling service. Something that would normally go for waste, go to the landfill, processed into woodchips, or being used as firewood at best, We are now making a SOLID & USEABLE product out of it.

We have teamed up with LA woodworks to bring new life to the trees we remove everyday. 

we believe that this once beautiful tree we just removed should continue to bring us a renewed enjoyment in a different way. 

We will be offering structural lumber production, live edge slabs, floating mantle beams, coffee tables, dining tables, charcuterie boards, and any other custom milling. 

We are very excited to manufacture and produce woody products. 

Dont hesitate to reach out to us through email or call Logan Adamson 

@ 705.770.8238 or message him through his personal INSTAGRAM Page. 



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