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Our Services 

  • Corrective Pruning 

Removal of dead diseased and unwanted limbs and branches. Thinning, lifting weight off ends where needed and stubs flushed to collars. Trees that receive the appropriate pruning measures while they are young will require less corrective pruning as they mature. A good structure of primary branches should be established while the tree is young. These limbs, called scaffold branches, are a mature tree's framework.

  • Aeration & Fertilization 

This method is used with a slow release fertilizer, this not only feeds the tree but also allows more air and moisture into their roots. This will help produce new roots and foilage. 

  • Tree & Stump Removal

When a tree suffers damage that is beyond repair, from broken limbs to root rot and everything in-between, it can pose a serious threat to both people and nearby property. Although tree removal is a last resort, there are certain circumstances when it may be necessary. Removal is the ideal solution when the tree is,

A)Dead or dying

B)Irreversibly diseased, decayed, or damaged

C)Crowding or otherwise harming nearby trees

D)Located in an area where new construction requires removal

Once the tree has been removed we can grind out the stump to a desired depth to cover with topsoil and sod/seed. 

  • Cabling & Bolting

The cabling and bracing procedure involves the installation of a variety of cables around the branches and trunk in order to stabilize the weakened or damaged branches. This is usually a non-invasive procedure, although if the tree has suffered a severe crack or split, a cable will need to be installed into its structure for added support. While cabling and bracing does not fully repair the tree, it significantly prolongs the tree’s life as it does not constrict the branches but allows them to grow naturally around the supporting cables.

  • Cavity & Wound Treatment 

This procedure is done to trees which have wounds or cavities on a trunk or branch, where moisture or insects can enter a tree and do harm or cause rot. This procedure doesn't only stop further rot but starts the healing process. 

  • Pre Construction / Lot Clearing

There are many situations in which you might need to take advantage of our construction tree services as you move forward with your project. For example, if you survey the job site and many large trees are going to get in the way of your plan, our team can come and safely remove them completely clearing a property for your build, to suit a house or commercial building, right down to removing the stumps. Our team is ready and waiting to contribute to the success of your construction project. 

  • Tree Evaluations & Appraisals

  • House & Building Clearance

Tree evaluations and appraisals sometimes happen for unforeseen circumstances. For instance a road being built or insurance purposes, real estate transactions, plant condemnation actions and tree inventories, or your concerned about the structure and how healthy your trees might be. Call us today to have your tree evaluated or appraised.   

There are many reasons why house and building clearance is needed. Typical in a residential area we clear trees to protect against the sap from doing harm to our shingles, we also clear it back in case of a storm rolls in and the limbs near the house let go suddenly due to wind, ice, or snow load. We also want to clear back from buildings for the same reasons also the venting on commercial building exits through different areas where we do not want to be blocking these possibly stopping a fire or a back flow of an off gas into a building. 

  • 24/7 Emergency Storm Damage 

  •  When sudden dynamic storms come blowing through, you need our emergency storm response services to take care of your broken trees as soon as possible, leaving you free to pursue your normal daily routines once more, without the added stress of cleaning up the mess yourself. 

  • Storm damage

  • Power line interruption tree over lines

  • Crane capability in emergency situation

  • Road clearing from fallen trees

  • Emergency first contact from storm damages and making property safe awaiting evaluation

  • Insurance work and damage control.

  • When you need emergency storm response for tree damage done by those ferocious and unpredictable storms, contact us today.  Let us take care of all of your emergency storm response needs, regardless of how large or small the task may be.

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